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Production Stills and More

We wanted to post some photos of filming at the ORA. You can see us here with Tom Polapink who was kind enough to give us a spontaneous tour of all the ORA hangars. One of these photos was used in the article from the Almanac paper and some of the video from this tour was used in the Kickstarter campaign video. Check out an eariler post to watch it. Also, big thanks to Frank for getting these BTS (Behing The Scene) shots.

So, we have most our game plan locked down for production but still a few details to iron out. Mostly how much to spend on the dollar. We are excited for the summer season to get into full swing at ORA, specifically the weekend airshows. But before we can start focusing on getting out to shoot, we have been really working the story and have some exciting ideas to explore. We can explore these thanks to all the money we raised which we are still exhuberant about. At the moment, we are trying to incorporate the world of modern aviation into our story that will give juxtaposition to what the pilots at ORA and antique aviation are all about.

We have also been weighing the pros and cons of different high speed cameras and cameras that will attach to the planes. Our goal is to get a beautiful and hi-def image that will do justice to these priceless airplanes that are still flying at ORA. The list is narrowing but new equipment is always becoming avialable so we are optomistic that we can something much better than just slapping up GoPro.

More about production to come so stay tuned!

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