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Filming At ORA

And we're off....

Filming has officially started for Aerodrome during ORA's 2012 airshow season. We are so excited to start capturing footage and getting the first glimpse of this film. We went to ORA really early one morning and got rained on...not rain out! We got some great video and nat sound. The first airshow was hetic but also let us know what we are in for. The shows are busy and theres a lot to cover but between the team we will definitly be able to get what we need. For the first couple of airshows Devin is focusing on getting plane coverage...portriats, details, action of all the differet airshow planes. James is focusing on getting a nat sound foundation to cover the different aspects of the airshow; field sounds, plane engines, crowds ambience. Frank, besides from making sure we have everything we need, is shooting second camera and getting show coverage; the crowd, ORA volunteers and more. Stay tuned for more photos and updates.

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