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Another weekend at ORA

Check out some stills from another weekend airshow at ORA. The footage is really accumilating now and thats exactly what we need. The more we get the more we have to work with. Each airshow follows a rough guideline but each day and weekend is totally unique. This has given us the opportunity for new material each show. One things for sure though, we can now anticipate what is coming next. The ORA has been kind enough to give us copies of the shows schedule each weekend. Between the schedule and being at every show this season, we can get a jump on a few 'events' (like prop starts and engine warm ups) that we had missed earlier in the season. This is the last broad airshow coverage that we needed. Now its time to strap on some cameras and rent that high speed camera. The production is moving along fast and even thought we have loads of footage, theres still lots of work left. Stay Tuned.

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