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Albany International Airport

Here is one of our first ideas coming to fruition. We were able to secure filming permits at Albany International Airport. This has been in the works for a while but with the help of some other people we got everything sorted. Big thanks to Andrea Cordaro for dealing with the logistics on this shoot. Also big thanks to Doug Meyes, from Albany International, for being so accommodating and supportive of our smaller sized production. He actually declined the movie 'Salt' (with Angelina Jolie) a filming permit. So we felt lucky that Albany International tries to support regional artist. Another key player in this was Mike Powers, the actor who we hired as 'Modern Pilot'. He was great and super professional and also a lot of fun to work with. This shoot was really important to our vision of what 'Aerodrome' needed to tell. This modern aviation environment will set up the ORA and the pilots in the context of today to emphisize the importance and spirit of antique aviation.

Filming at an airport was quite the experience. First, we had to get special badges from security and then met up with our escort for the day (who turned out to be Doug Meyers!). Then it was through security with all the gear in line with people trying to catch flights. Once we were inside the terminal Doug took us to a waiting area/lounge. The airport had already taped off the area so it was empty and placed 'Filming in Progress' signs around. Legends. The day went pretty smooth; no major hiccups. After we left the secure area of the airport we were let loose to film any b-roll we might need. Check out all the stills from our production at Albany International.

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