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A Big Month

Its now September and this will be the last month of shooting at ORA. We will have four more airshows (roughly) to get the mounted aerial shots that will really take this film to the next level. As well, we have all the slow motion to capture which is vital to this films story, feel and visual esthetic. So BIG month ahead of us. The camera mounting should be fine. We have ordered a mounting system from RAM MOUNTS. These mounts with 2 or 3 other attachment systems will be good to go (we need to have several systems of attachment in case one failed).

We had to go with a different main camera beacuase the ORA pilots said our original camera was too big. So we have decided to use the Panasonic GH2. Much lighter and smaller. Becuase some of the planes doing aerobatics they can be pulling as much as 4 G's. So a slight change there from our original plan but no worries. The Sony action cams we ordered will be great for coverage. The problem is we have to mount these cameras before the air shows and get them all set to go. We can't mount our main camera on every plane that goes up so we will rotate the camera through the planes over the different airshows.

The slow motion is exciting. We decided to go with the Sony SF700. It covers what we need the ability to get with very respectible tech specs. Those propellers are spinning fast but we'll get them slowed way down with this camera! Stay tuned for still from the mounted cameras.

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