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Original Soundtrack

Aerodrome is really wrapping up now. And a big part of that is finalizing all the music. We are proud to announce that all the music (except an archival song) will be original! We have been working on songs for a couple of months and are loving whats coming out. There have been a few re-writes but for the most part each song has fit the scene perfectly, in our opinions. Music is so powerful at setting the tone of a scene it was clear from early on we wanted to set that mood ourselves. So expect a soundtrack with a bit of guitar, piano, rhodes, cello, violin and a banjo thrown in there too. The aerial master shot that we talked about earlier is going to have a piano track that we are really excited about. We will be going into Nevessa Studio in Woodstock, Ny to record. They have a great sounding room and a concert Yamaha Grand Piano. We will post some photos of that session once we get in.

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